Aquamarine and Mica, Devine treasures.

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Crystal Description

Colour:Silver, Light Blue
Dimensions:2cm x 7cm x 1cm
Country of Origin:Pakistan
Chakra:Throat, Third Eye
Zodiac: Pisces, Gemini, Aquarius, Virgo.

Mica Biotite Properties:

Without a doubt, mica has gained a reputation for its shimmering and reflective properties, leading people to believe that this precious stone aids in self-reflection. Mica enables us to acknowledge our imperfections without criticizing ourselves, allowing us to effectively confront any undesirable characteristics. 

Mica, is a mineral that can be used for expanding your mind and aiding in meditation, allowing you to raise your vibration and connect with higher dimensions. In these dimensions, angels, Divine beings, and spiritual advisors exist. This stone teaches acceptance and forgiveness while providing a calming and tranquil energy for your body. It is often known as the stone of life. Biotite serves as a reminder that your cosmic consciousness holds magical discoveries.

Aquamarine Properties:

The gemstone Aquamarine falls under the blue shade category and is characterized by its hexagonal crystal structure. It represents emotional clarity and is frequently linked to mermaids and the vast ocean.

Aquamarine possesses the ability to alleviate anxiety, promote profound meditation, restore hormonal equilibrium, and foster physical well-being, particularly in regard to the throat and eyes.

This gem symbolizes happiness, hope, and eternal youth. In antiquity, people believed that aquamarine acted as a guardian for those venturing the sea, rendering sailors fearless and shielding them from potential dangers in the vast waters.

Aquamarine truly stands out as one of the top healing crystals when it comes to maintaining your mental and emotional well-being. The serene blue green hue instantly induces a sense of peace, providing much-needed relief for a weary soul. Believed to embody the pale blue shades where the sky meets the ocean, Aquamarine encourages introspection and invites you to explore deeper to uncover your own truths. By gently harmonizing emotions, Aquamarine prevents them from becoming overwhelming. Its ability to promote a calm and balanced state allows for emotional clarity, enabling you to abstain from judgment and cultivate self and others’ acceptance.

Aquamarine is renowned for its ability to alleviate stress and anxiety, providing a soothing balm for the mind and soul. Its tranquil aura encourages relaxation and serenity, allowing for a renewed sense of inner peace. The tranquil blue-green hue reminiscent of the ocean’s depths serves as a constant reminder to dive deep within oneself and explore the hidden truths that lie beneath the surface. With its harmonizing properties, Aquamarine helps harmonize emotions and prevents being overwhelmed by them. By promoting emotional balance and clarity, this crystal enables one to embrace their true self without fear of judgment, creating a space of pure authenticity.

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Energetic Benefits

Self reflection, Harmony, Angel Realm, Mermaids, Sea Creatures, Anxiety, Relaxes and cools the mind, Protects, Reflects, Encourages truth

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