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Clear Quartz Properties:

Quartz possesses an inherent ability to transmit and emit any vibrational characteristics associated with it. As a result, Quartz is considered the foundational stone for energy broadcasting. Clear Quartz, in particular, serves as a universal facilitator, enhancing and projecting the existing energy qualities without altering their vibratory nature. Other variations of Quartz, such as Amethyst, Citrine, and Rose Quartz, contribute their unique vibrational frequencies to the amplification and transmission process. One of Quartz’s applications is its utilization as a Harmonizer stone in elixirs, as it binds and harmonizes the movements of all stones within a formula.

In Western traditions, Quartz is utilized at natural power spots to extend the energy of the power spot over a wider area. This practice forms the basis of using the Menhir, a tall stone with quartz that is placed vertically on a power spot; the Dolmen, consisting of three quartz-bearing stones arranged in a gateway shape that amplifies (or can establish) a power spot; and Stone Circles that generate and enhance a complete Pillar of Light surrounding a power spot.

Clear Quartz is widely used for enhancing the energy fields of various vibrational sources as it does not modify their own vibrational powers. Milky Quartz and Girasol Quartz are types of Quartz that have similar energies to Clear Quartz. Additionally, Clear Quartz is the primary stone used for harmonizing stone elixir formulas.

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