Smoky Quartz means detox and balance.

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Crystal Description

Colour:Brown, Black, White
Country of Origin:Madagascar
Zodiac:Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn

Smokey Quartz Properties:

Smoky Quartz has a vitreous luster and a hexagonal crystal system. Considered the national stone of Scotland, Smoky Quartz has a rich history with the Celts, who were said to have initially extracted this enchanting gem from the untamed Cairngorm Mountains that resemble the spine of a dragon, spanning across the vividly colored highlands of heather and gorse.

Smokey represents detoxification and equilibrium, acting as a potent stone that grounds people to the current moment. Known for its wide-ranging healing attributes, this crystal fosters, counters adverse energies, eases stress, and enhances overall physical and emotional health.

Smoky Quartz serves as a protective barrier against negativity, as it effectively absorbs electromagnetic smog, blocks geopathic stress, and safeguards against the influence of harmful energies.

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Energetic Benefits

Protects, Expands, Equilibrium, Detox, Balance, Absorbs, Blocks
Reflects, Improves Self Awareness, Cosmic Consciousness

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