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Crystal Description

Colour:Green, White
Dimensions:29cm circumference
Country of Origin: Morocco
Zodiac:Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Green Apatite Properties:

Green Apatite is a stone for manifesting and awakening the heart chakra. It is also an excellent stone for those recovering from a long illness or emotional pain as it stimulates hope and courage while working through the obstacle. Green Apatite supports healing with the energies of renewal and vitality.

Green Apatite holds a profound bond with the natural world and Mother Earth. This gemstone is renowned for aiding in the interaction with faeries and animal spirits. It is an ideal stone for engaging in outdoor meditation, particularly during the enchanting days of spring or summer.

Green Apatite is reputed to increase psychic and telepathic communications with animals and birds, especially pets and local wildlife. It is also beneficial in animal healing

Additional information

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Energetic Benefits

Equilibrium, Grownding, Growth, Healing, Helps to clear the physical body of toxity, Helps with animal cominication and connection with Mother Earth., Helps with fear, Love, Opens the heart Chakra, Peace, Protects

Shape Vibration

Sphere: Connected to the Physical and Emotional planes. Spheres have the most even spread vibration, in all directions, either to broadcast or for absorption capacities.

Planet Correspondence


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