Apophyllite is a stone that aids with anxiety and reduces stress. It enables conscious communication and helps release suppressed emotions. It is a perfect gift for a new home, newlyweds, and new businesses.

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Crystal Description

Colour:Blue, White, Grey
Dimensions:11cm x 12cm x 6cm
Country of Origin:India
Zodiac:Gemini, Libra

Apophyllite Properties:

Apophyllite is beneficial for individuals who seek tranquility in dealing with unresolved situations, as it effectively facilitates the release of suppressed emotions and helps overcome anxiety, worries, and fears. It can as well assists in calming apprehension and enables one to tolerate uncertainty.

Apophyllite is a soothing and grounding crystal that holds profound ties to the spiritual realm, all while enabling a sense of physical contentment. This exquisite stone assists in astral projection and spiritual insight, and its affiliation with the Akashic Record makes exploring past lives effortless.

Apophyllite is considered the ultimate stone for aiding in Reiki healing. This crystal helps to guide the patient into a more profound state of relaxation and open-mindedness, while also ensuring that the healer does not interfere, allowing the transmission of healing energy to the patient to be more genuine.

The Apophyllite Stone serves as a reminder that beneath the surface, there is a constant flow, even during moments of feeling stuck or immobilised, due to its significant water content.

Additional information

Weight 2.245 kg
Dimensions 11 × 12 × 6 cm



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Energetic Benefits

Relaxation, Knowledge, Love, Relationships, Manifestation, Meditation, Peace, New Beginnings, Physic Abilities, Resolution, Self Discovery, Purpose, Soothing, Transformation, Trust, Wisdom, Angel Realms

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