Cleavelandite, a precious crystal renowned for its scarcity, is believed to possess the ability to aid in physical, emotional, and spiritual recovery. 

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Crystal Description

Colour:Light Blue
Dimensions:26cm x 17cm x 9cm
Country of Origin:Brazil

Cleavelandite Properties:

Cleavelandite, a globally occurring Calcium Silicate Hydroxide, possesses extensive metaphysical and physical applications that have been uncovered gradually. Apart from its potential to facilitate physical healing through various means, it has also played a role in fostering emotional connections among individuals with high intelligence.

Cleavelandite can help to uncover the gifts and tools that are available to help in one’s growth and life journey. It helps to focus on positive life affirming changes that comes out when facing difficult challenges. It assists in releasing the emotional scars of abandonment, rejection and betrayal. Physically, Cleavelandite can assist in easing the symptoms of puberty and menopause. One may find that it may be hard to focus on anything else when this lustrous white crystal is around, but Cleavelandite will actually enhance your focus and help to affirm the goals one sets. It is a variety of Albite and forms tabular plates with the chemical composition of sodium aluminium silicate and has a triclinic crystal system.

Additionally, it is regarded as beneficial for individuals experiencing life-altering transitions or adjustments.

Additional information

Weight 3.390 kg
Dimensions 26 × 17 × 9 cm

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Shape Vibration

Raw or Rouph: Energy is not refine as in the polilshed forms however they can make a powerful anchor of this energy in a space.

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