Flower Agate helps one bridge the gap between emotions and reality by activating and connecting our heart and root chakras together.

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Crystal Description

Shape: Sphere
Colour: Brown, White, Pink
Dimensions: 25cm circumference
Weight: 665g

Country of Origin: Madagascar 
Chakra: Heart, Root
Gemini, Scorpio, Taurus

Agate Flower Properties:

Flower Agate, a recent discovery from Madagascar, is a variety of Agate that contains Chalcedony inclusions, which closely resemble delicate floral patterns. This mineral has been mainly observed in the form of solid masses. Typically, it exhibits a light pink hue with white inclusions resembling blossoms. The attractiveness of Flower Agate is highly prized by artisans and sculptors, not only for its remarkable colours but also for its exceptional chemical resistance. Flower Agate promotes growth, joy, and manifestation. Its ability to assist in expanding the mind and embracing possibilities beyond perceived limitations is particularly beneficial. The gentle feminine energy of flower agate supports nourishment and nurturance. Its vibrations are in harmony with the enlightened deity Quan Yin, who made the compassionate choice to postpone personal bliss in Nirvana and offer assistance to those experiencing suffering in the world. According to belief, Quan Yin sheds the tears on your behalf that you are unable to express yourself.

Additional information

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Energetic benefits

Love, Growth, Harmony, Feminine, Expansion, Healing, Romance, Unity, Acceptance, Balance, Grounding

Shape Vibration

Sphere: Connected to the Physical and Emotional planes. Spheres have the most even spread vibration, in all directions, either to broadcast or for absorption capacities.

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