Ammonite is a gem full of abundance. It holds wisdom of the ancients and is a powerful Karmic cleanser.

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Crystal Description


Colour:Brown, Grey, Cream
Country of Origin:Madagascar
Chakra:Third Eye

Ammonite Properties: 

In certain cultures, the ammonite is believed to bring good luck and fertility, serving as a potent talisman capable of repelling malevolent entities. It is said to be advantageous during periods of transformation, assisting individuals as they navigate the journey from one phase of existence to another. Throughout centuries, this intriguing fossil has been incorporated into jewellery and art, deemed both significant and aesthetically pleasing in any assortment.

Ammonite crystals, thought to possess the energy of ancient wisdom, are utilised as instruments for healing and transformation. They are believed to enhance emotional equilibrium and stability, commonly employed in freeing oneself from detrimental patterns and behaviours.

It brings things full circle and aids to empower and is often used in survival. It holds wisdom of the ancients and is a powerful Karmic cleanser.

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Energetic Benefits

Balance the physical and the mental bodies, Calms the mind, Equilibrium, Grownding, Growth, Healing, Helps with fear, Higher Planes, Peace, Promotes Quietness and reserve, Protects, Realease, Spirituality

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