Black Tourmaline & Mica balances, harmonises and protects

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Crystal Description

Colour:Beige, Black, Brown
Dimensions:Approx. 20cm x 16cm x 13cm
Country of Origin:Brazil
Chakra:Root, Third Eye

Black Tourmaline Properties

Black tourmaline is one of the most important and fundamental stones in Stone Medicine. An essential part of the stone toolkit. It helps to releases toxins, stagnations and pathogens to the exterior, where they can be expelled from the body.Black Tourmaline is the most Wei Chi / Defensive Chi oriented of all the Tourmalines.  Can penetrates into deep levels of the energy body to change Jing / Essence. It an excellent tool to works to clear ancestral issues. Master detox stone, especially when used in elixir. Black tourmaline is a crucial and fundamental stone in the field of Stone Medicine. It is an integral component of the stone collection, as it aids in the elimination of toxins, stagnations, and pathogens from the body by facilitating their expulsion to the external environment.

Furthermore, it has the capability to reach profound layers of the energy body, altering Jing / Essence, and effectively resolving ancestral problems.

You can combine Black Tourmaline with Citrine to achieve a balance of energies, as Black Tourmaline absorbs the body’s excess Chi energy and Citrine has powerful Yang effects.Black Tourmaline is utilized in various traditions for protecting against psychic harm and countering black magic. However, it should not be used if an individual has impaired elimination organs and is unable to eliminate the toxins expelled by this crystal. Additionally, it is not recommended for use by dehydrated individuals who do not consume enough fluids, as it may cause a healing crisis, particularly when used as an elixir and the body cannot eliminate toxins through its natural elimination channels.

When pairing Black Tourmaline with Obsidian, an exceptionally strong defence for the body can be created.


If an individual has “Silver” (Mercury) dental fillings, Black Tourmaline should not be ingested as an internal elixir, as its potent chelating properties may extract mercury from the fillings.

Mica Properties

Without a doubt, mica has gained a reputation for its shimmering and reflective properties, leading people to believe that this precious stone aids in self-reflection. Mica enables us to acknowledge our imperfections without criticizing ourselves, allowing us to effectively confront any undesirable characteristics. 

Mica, is a mineral that can be used for expanding your mind and aiding in meditation, allowing you to raise your vibration and connect with higher dimensions. In these dimensions, angels, Divine beings, and spiritual advisors exist. This stone teaches acceptance and forgiveness while providing a calming and tranquil energy for your body. It is often known as the stone of life. Biotite serves as a reminder that your cosmic consciousness holds magical discoveries.

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