Smoky Quartz means detox and balance.

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Crystal Description

Colour:Brown, Black, Silver
Dimensions:Approx. 11cm x 7cm x 4cm
Country of Origin:Madagascar
Zodiac:Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn

Smokey Quartz Properties:

Smoky Quartz has a vitreous luster and a hexagonal crystal system. Considered the national stone of Scotland, Smoky Quartz has a rich history with the Celts, who were said to have initially extracted this enchanting gem from the untamed Cairngorm Mountains that resemble the spine of a dragon, spanning across the vividly colored highlands of heather and gorse.

Smokey represents detoxification and equilibrium, acting as a potent stone that grounds people to the current moment. Known for its wide-ranging healing attributes, this crystal fosters, counters adverse energies, eases stress, and enhances overall physical and emotional health.

Smoky Quartz serves as a protective barrier against negativity, as it effectively absorbs electromagnetic smog, blocks geopathic stress, and safeguards against the influence of harmful energies. 

Mica Properties: 

Without a doubt, mica has gained a reputation for its shimmering and reflective properties, leading people to believe that this precious stone aids in self-reflection. Mica enables us to acknowledge our imperfections without criticizing ourselves, allowing us to effectively confront any undesirable characteristics. 

Mica, is a mineral that can be used for expanding your mind and aiding in meditation, allowing you to raise your vibration and connect with higher dimensions. In these dimensions, angels, Divine beings, and spiritual advisors exist. This stone teaches acceptance and forgiveness while providing a calming and tranquil energy for your body. It is often known as the stone of life. Biotite serves as a reminder that your cosmic consciousness holds magical discoveries.

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Energetic Benefits

Protects, Expands, Equilibrium, Detox, Balance, Absorbs, Blocks
Reflects, Improves Self Awareness, Cosmic Consciousness

Shape Vibration

Obelisks, Points, Freeform Standing: They act as anchors. Connecting Earthly with Heavenly energies. Stabilised the energy in the entire location where is used.

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