Unconditional Love and Spiritual Growth.

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Crystal Description

Colour:Olive Green, Black
Dimensions:18cm x 8cm x 5cm
Country of Origin:
Chakra:Heart, Root

Prehnite and Epidote Properties:

Epidote possesses the ability to amplify the effects of anything it comes into contact with. Prehnite, on the other hand, enhances prophetic skills, visualization abilities, the occurrence of lucid dreams, and spiritual wisdom. It helps establish connections with higher planes, including our inner selves, as well as spiritual and extraterrestrial entities. When combined with Epidote, Prehnite’s potential for perceiving and engaging with spiritual beings is further heightened. As a result, Prehnite with Epidote becomes an exceptional stone to utilize during tarot readings or crystal ball sessions.

The presence of Prehnite can assist us in breaking free from the habit of accumulating and fixating on material possessions. Additionally, it possesses the ability to eliminate toxins from our body, create equilibrium within our meridians, facilitate the identification of our personal limits, and enable us to decline unreasonable demands.

When utilized in our personal healing environment, Prehnite with Epidote has the ability to rejuvenate and revitalize. It can also amplify protective fields, induce tranquility, and foster inner peace when employed in energy grid practices.

Additional information

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Shape Vibration

Obelisks, Points, Freeform Standing: They act as anchors. Connecting Earthly with Heavenly energies. Stabilised the energy in the entire location where is used.

Energetic Benefits

Absorbs, Equilibrium, Growth, Helps to clear the physical body of toxity, Helps with fear, Higher Planes, Lucid Dreams, Realease, Revitalize, Spirituality

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