Stilbite is a soft and delicate crystal, that it resonates with the vibration of Universal Love.

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Dimensions:16cm x 7cm x 6cm
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Stilbite Properties:

Stilbite is a type of mineral composed of hydrous aluminum silicate, sodium, and calcium. This mineral forms thin, flattened plates, tabular crystals, and clusters during its crystallization process.

This mineral was first discovered in 1797 by J.C. Delametherie, but wasn’t named until 1801 by R.J. Hauy.

Stilbite is a stone that exudes a deep sense of empathy and comfort, its gentle resonance apparent when held. It emits loving and healing energy that permeates the surroundings, creating an atmosphere filled with happiness, enthusiasm, and positivity. By linking our heart, third eye, and crown chakras, this crystal aids in perceiving and understanding the emotions burdening our innermost feelings.

Using this stone during meditation can aid in the gentle alleviation of these emotions, enabling a clear perspective on how to progress and evolve from past events that continue to cause pain. Additionally, the bond between our heart and mind will strengthen, facilitating a deeper understanding of our emotional state. By doing so, one’s mind will be more equipped to comprehend and effectively manage adverse energies.

Stilbite is an effective tool for dream work, assisting in enhancing dream strength, comprehending the imagery within, and promoting mental clarity during these subconscious episodes.

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