Adventure and new discoveries lie within the Vanadinite gem stone.

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Crystal Description

Colour:Orange, Red
Dimensions:Approx. 6cm x 5cm
Country of Origin: Morroco
Chakra:Sacral, Root

Vanadinite Properties:

Vanadinite: is a rare mineral that is found in various locations around the world. It is typically formed as a secondary mineral in the oxidation zone of lead and zinc deposits. Some of the most common locations where vanadite can be found include Morocco, the United States, Mexico, and South America.

Vanadinite is a crystal renowned for its ability to enhance the mental process and stimulate productive action. It is ideal for individuals engaging in extended periods of work, study, or exercise. By activating the lower three chakras, this stone increases focus and determination, empowering individuals to accomplish long-standing projects successfully. Additionally, Vanadinite helps to connect lower chakras with the third eye, promoting clear thinking and patience throughout these extended endeavours.

Vanadinite helps to boost sexual energy and may aid individuals experiencing difficulty in becoming aroused. It enhances sexual creativity and enables individuals to reconnect with their primal instincts, which may have been suppressed during periods of inactivity.

Having a piece of Vanadinite under your pillow while you sleep can provide a surge of power and resilience when facing challenges or feeling tired. This gemstone is closely linked with the element of fire and is known for its ability to awaken energy and prepare you to conquer daily responsibilities. Additionally, it can enhance self-expression by infusing the aura with creative energies.

Additional information

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Energetic Benefits

Activates, Amplyfied, Anchor, Balance the physical and the mental bodies, Builds VItiality, Enhance sexual activity, Equilibrium, Grownding, Helps with animal cominication and connection with Mother Earth., Love, Promotes creativity, Revitalize

Planet Correspondence


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