Divine energy – breaking old patterns – immerse yourself in mutual love, desire and tenderness.

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Crystal Description

Stellar Beam Calcite BED:

Dimensions:24 cm x 13 cm x 16 cm
Weight:5.08 kg
Country of Origin: USA
Chakras:Crown, Solar Plexis, Third Eye

Stellar Beam Calcite Properties: 

Stellar Beam Calcite is a stone that continuously grows in strength and aids in overcoming barriers to embracing one’s complete abilities. This stone has the ability to saturate one’s energy field with intense light and eliminate any harmful or detrimental thoughts, routines, or behaviours. Additionally, it provides robust safeguards on a psychological level. Stellar Beam calcite possesses powerful inter-dimensional properties that actively activate the third eye and crown chakras. This stone proves highly beneficial during meditation, aiding in the journey towards higher realms and the recollection of past life memories. It guides individuals in discovering their Divine Will, fostering a serene and joyous state of being. It is believed that this crystal can aid in establishing a link with the divine and has the potential to facilitate healing at all levels. Moreover, this vibrant and translucent orange stone is renowned for enhancing one’s psychic capabilities and intuition.


Additional information

Weight 5.08 kg
Dimensions 24 × 13 × 16 cm


Energetic Benefits

Absorbs, Action, Activates, Amplyfied, Happiness, Joy

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