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Crystal Description

Shape: Obelisk
Colour:Green, White
Dimensions:23cm x 6cm x 8cm
Country of Origin:Madagascar
Chakra:Crown, Heart
Zodiac:Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Ocean Jasper Propeties: 

he stone known as Ocean Jasper is associated with peace and the act of releasing and surrendering. It encourages deep and conscious breathing, connecting with the natural world, and being present both physically and spiritually.

Ocean Jasper derives its calming properties from the element of Water. It is a stone that represents resilience and rejuvenation, emitting a slow and consistent energy that reflects the interconnectedness of all things. The circular patterns found on Ocean Jasper serve as a spiritual symbol, reminding us of the way thoughts, words, and actions interact and flow in a circular motion. It emphasizes the concept that whatever we put out into the world will eventually come back to us. Ocean Jasper is an exceptional stone for nurturing patience, adapting to change, and promoting acts of kindness and service towards others.

Ocean Jasper, similar to all other Jaspers, has the ability to relieve stress and promote a sense of calmness. By purging one’s energy field, it effectively gets rid of negative vibes and brings stability to the aura. This stone is excellent for easing anxiety and improving concentration, making it perfect for use as a worry stone or for rubbing to soothe the nerves. Additionally, it is highly beneficial for dispelling nightmares or harmful thoughts.

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Energetic Benefits

Anchor, Balance the physical and the mental bodies, Builds VItiality, Calms the mind, Equilibrium, Grounding | Stability | Protection | Organization | Peace | Understanding | Focus | Concentration, Growth, Helps with animal cominication and connection with Mother Earth., Love, Peace, Protects

Shape Vibration

Obelisks, Points, Freeform Standing: They act as anchors. Connecting Earthly with Heavenly energies. Stabilised the energy in the entire location where is used.

Planet Correspondence


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