The Sunset Stone.

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Crystal Description

Colour: Red
Country of Origin: Madagascar

Chakra:Root, Sacral
Zodiac:Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Taurus

Carnelian Properties:

The term “Carnelian” is derived from the Latin word for “flesh,” possibly alluding to its symbolism that emphasises the importance of embracing our physical existence and taking advantage of the present moment.

Carnelian possesses various titles such as The Singers Stone, The Sunset Stone, and The Artists Stone, reflecting its vibrant and imaginative qualities. The autumn’s warm tones signify the importance of releasing unfavourable seasons, preserving inner warmth and enlightenment, and embarking on new journeys, regardless of the challenges they may present. This powerful healing crystal, Carnelian, provides comprehensive rejuvenation for the body, mind, and soul. 

Throughout history, the orange Carnelian gemstone has fulfilled various purposes. The ancient Egyptians believed that the Orange Carnelian possessed feminine energy and symbolised the menstrual cycle. It was regarded as a stone of fertility and associated with the power of Isis. On the other hand, the masculine Red Carnelian was believed to possess a more active and powerful energy, focusing less on letting go of the past and more on embracing fiery energies of the present. It was commonly worn by warriors around their necks, providing them with courage and fostering love and passion.

By summoning the forces of physical energy, carnelian breathes in life and light into the body. The focus is primarily on activating the muscles, promoting unrestricted oxygen circulation, and ensuring optimal health for your tissues and organs. If you happen to be facing difficulties with your sexual energy, Carnelian might offer assistance.

This gemstone enhances fertility, and for those uninterested in pursuing parenthood, it can still greatly enhance your sexual desire and empower you to fully embrace and express your own sexual identity and strength.

Individuals with lower back issues or rheumatism can experience relief from Carnelian properties. The comforting vibrations penetrate deeply, promoting healing in the bones and ligaments, and offering a sensation of suppleness instead of stiffness and coldness. Carnelian aids in eliminating toxins from the body, which is beneficial for those grappling with addiction to substances like alcohol, drugs, and stimulants that do not contribute to their overall health and well-being.

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Energetic Benefits

Acceptance and Understanding, Action, Activates, Enhace sexual energy, Fertility, Grownding, Growth, Healing, Promotes creativity, Realease, Rejuvenation, Revitalize

Shape Vibration

Sphere: Physical and Emotional Planes. The most balance form

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