The frequency of Flint connects to all the physical chakras, supporting, balancing and aligning energy around us. It re-organizes and recharges our energy and can help with anxiety and mood swings. Flint is a grounding and protective stone.

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Crystal Description


Colour:Beige, Grey, Brown
Dimensions:9cm x 6cm x 4cm
Country of Origin:Madagascar

Flint Jasper Properties:

Flint possesses remarkable properties as a grounding stone, capable of extracting the most pristine vibrations from the Earth. It plays a crucial role in enhancing the individual’s capacity to channel this energy throughout their emotional and physical being. The energy derived from flint is intense and powerful, effectively supporting the individual’s journey of self-discovery.

The Flint name originates from a Greek term that signifies “a brick”, indicating its exceptional hardness. It is classified as a form of chert, a type of chalcedony or sedimentary cryptocrystalline quartz, comprising silicon dioxide. These crystals possess the characteristics of chalcedony or quartz crystals due to their silicon dioxide content, rendering them an excellent stone for programming purposes.

Flint stones can be of assistance in severing spiritual connections with individuals with whom you have had, or currently have, any type of relationship.

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Weight 0.35 kg
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 4 cm

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