Sodalite possesses the power to merge logical thinking with intuitive understanding and the quest for truth with the growth of idealism.

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Crystal Description

Colour:Blue, Black, White, Silver
Dimensions:24cm x 5cm x 5cm
Country of Origin:Brazil
Chakra:Throat, Third Eye

Sodalite Properties:

Sodalite, is a tectosilicate mineral known for its royal blue,  Sodalite is a good stone to use for business intentions because it promotes friendship and camaraderie. This is very important when one is working with people with the same vision, purpose, and goals. It is also used to enhance self- expression, enhance intuition and encourage deep understanding of our minds. Sodalite is also known as “Poet’s Stone” as its natural communication-enhancing skills helps those writers, and speakers deliver their lines and create more ideas while wearing this stone. Sodalite meaning comes from its contained mineral, sodium-rich magmas and it’s called the blue “Logic Stone” for its ability to clear the mind and bring out deep thought. Sodalite has been utilized by users to structure their thoughts and enhance critical thinking skills, as it is believed to encourage clear and unbiased reasoning.

Sodalite crystal is not classified as rock. It is a deep blue mineral. It is also a crystal that would help achieved relaxation, self reflection, quietness and tranquility.

Additional information

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Dimensions 24 × 5 cm

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Shape Vibration

Obelisks, Points, Freeform Standing: They act as anchors. Connecting Earthly with Heavenly energies. Stabilised the energy in the entire location where is used., Sphere: Connected to the Physical and Emotional planes. Spheres have the most even spread vibration, in all directions, either to broadcast or for absorption capacities.

Energetic Benefits

Aids Sleep, Anchor, Builds VItiality, Calms the mind, Cooling, Cools the physical body, Equilibrium, Grownding, Growth, Lucid Dreams, Peace, Promotes Quietness and reserve, Reduce hypeartivity, Reflects, Relaxation

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