This stone acts as a trusted companion, always by your side.

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Crystal Description

Country of Origin:Mexico
Zodiac:Sagittarius, Scorpio

Black Obsidian Properties;

Obsidian is a type of stone created from lava that did not have sufficient time to cool and solidify into glass. This type of volcanic glass serves the purpose of shielding, establishing a connection with the earth, and facilitating spiritual interaction. Referred to as a “psychic vacuum cleaner,” Black Obsidian effectively will absorbe any unnecessary elements and purges all forms of negativity from both your personal energy field and surroundings.

Protective and composed to facilitate profound healing, the Obsidian Stone excels at shielding you from negative emotions and energy. Whether the negativity stems from within you or external influences, Obsidian diligently safeguards you, preventing you from succumbing to despair.

Throughout the ages, both wise individuals and those with healing abilities have sought assistance from Obsidian’s power to access the third eye chakra. They held the belief that the reflective properties of Obsidian offered a window into an alternate realm and illuminated the path towards profound wisdom and universal awareness.

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