Zincite, the ultimate companion for your journey towards emotional healing.

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Crystal Description

Colour:White, Yellow, Light Green
Dimensions:5cm x 4cm x 3cm
Country of Origin:Poland
Chakra:Root, Sacral, Heart
Zodiac:Libra, Taurus

Zincite Properties:

Zincite has an unusual and very potent energy.It charges one’s entire system and creates significant and powerful stimulation of all Chakras. It is also a crystal known to stimulate and enhance creativity and increases passion. These gems will gently help to allay the symptoms of women who have difficulty with  fertility or menopause.

Zincite is a powerful ally in the journey of emotional healing, guiding you to conquer any feelings of inadequacy. It will provide you with the strength and courage to transform your life and the experiences within it. This unique mineral works towards eliminating energy obstacles that prevent you from experiencing happiness, security, and peace in your love life. Zincite possesses the ability to provide an influential blend of manifestation, creativity, sexuality, and personal power.


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Energetic Benefits

Highly energetic, Stimulates, Creativity, Passion, Menopause, Strength, Security, Joy, Peace, Love, Manifestation, Personal Power, Fertility

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