The Heart Stone.

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Crystal Description


Dimensions:16cm x 16cm x4cm

Country of Origin:Brazil
Zodiac:Taurus, Libra

Rose Quartz Properties:

Rose quartz is renowned for its healing properties and its ability to embody unconditional love. It is believed that this crystal possesses powerful vibrations of love that can promote emotional and relationship healing, as well as inspire compassion and enhance feelings of peace and tranquility.

Known as the “Heart Stone,” rose quartz is a powerful symbol of unwavering love and boundless tranquility, promoting profound self-care and inner healing.

Rose Quartz is known for its ability to bring in a flood of loving energy, abundance, and joy, which is particularly beneficial given the challenging state of the world.

Throughout history, many expectant mothers have relied on the potent power of Rose Quartz during their pregnancy. It is believed that Rose Quartz’s profound feminine energy can safeguard both the mother and the unborn child from any pregnancy-related issues. Likewise, for new mothers, having Rose Quartz nearby is considered beneficial, as it is thought to foster unbreakable bonds and facilitate the continuous flow of love energy, similar to a flowing fountain.

Rose Quartz is closely associated with the heart chakra and is frequently employed to aid in the healing process of emotional wounds, facilitating the heart’s recovery from pain or trauma. Additionally, Rose Quartz serves as a symbol for individuals seeking to cultivate love in various aspects of their lives. This desire for love does not solely pertain to romantic relationships, but rather extends to discovering profound compassion and nurturing within oneself, which can be one of the most significant sources of love.

Rose Quartz possesses the remarkable power to unlock the heart, restore harmony, and foster a sense of connection, solace, and receptiveness to the endless possibilities that come with a joyful existence.

Rose Quartz possesses a profound resonance and harmony with the goddess energy, providing it with yet another exquisite advantage. This crystal is associated with the sacred feminine essence, therefore emanating an aura of serenity, tenderness, and nurturing, all imbued with its remarkable spiritual power. Should you desire to acquire the skills of self-comforting, self-healing, and ascending towards the realm of the goddess, Rose Quartz will guide you along this transformative journey.

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Weight 1.575 kg
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 4 cm



Energetic Benefits

Acceptance and Understanding, Aids compation and care, Calms the mind, Connects to goddess energy, Encourages connection, Exelent for pregnancy, Fertility, Heals emotional wounds, Improves circulation and boost Heart health, Joy, Love, Opens the heart Chakra, Peace, Promotes self care and unconditional love, Relaxation

Shape Vibration

Heart: Love

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