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Crystal Description

Dimensions:25cm circumference
Country of Origin:Brazil
Chakra:Solar Plexus
Zodiac:Sagittarius, Gemini

Yellow Quartz Properties :

Rare though it is, yellow does in fact occur in quartz in Nature, if seldom, when there are traces of iron in the silicon dioxide.

According to belief, this stone is considered an embodiment of wisdom, aiding individuals in acquiring knowledge from their encounters and enhancing their self-assurance. Additionally, the color yellow is associated with warmth and happiness.

The belief is widespread that Yellow Quartz possesses the ability to heal through transmutation. By harnessing its healing abilities, Yellow Quartz has the power to convert negative emotions into pure light and positivity, much like the sun’s uplifting presence at dawn.

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Shape Vibration

Sphere: Connected to the Physical and Emotional planes. Spheres have the most even spread vibration, in all directions, either to broadcast or for absorption capacities.

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