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Mauritius – An Education of Chakras

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Mauritius has a special place in our hearts – Gabriela, our Founder and Creative Director, has been going to Mauritius several times with her family to recharge from her hectic lifestyle in the UK. There is a magic and spirituality that is unique to this part of the world. It is the place where she discovered the power of the 7 Chakras, through the hospitality of The Telfair Golf and Wellness Resort, their 7 Colours Spa, and their Reiki master, Kehtan and his wonderful team. Mauritius is home to one of the biggest reserves of Tanzanite, and right next door in Madagascar, we can find some of the largest assortments of Celestite.

Gaby became inspired by the meanings and powers of the 7 Chakras, and how they could dramatically influence the physical body and psychological mind. While creating Pagano London, Gaby used this inspiration she received in Mauritius to curate her collection.

“The time I spent in Maritius was not only restorative, but it gave me a new reason to love crystals… and a new confirmation that their energy is so powerful”


Crown Chakra – Spiritual Connection, Purple

Third Eye Chakra – Intuition and Wisdom, Indigo

Throat Chakra – Expression, Blue

Heart Chakra – Love, Green

Solar Plexus Chakra – Will Power, Yellow

Sacral Chakra – Creativity, Orange

Root Chakra – Survival, Red